CLIENT CENTERED APPROACH TO CRIMINAL LAWHow Brad approaches the practice of criminal law and why clients chose him


Choosing the right person as your criminal defence lawyer is crucial. The lawyer you hire is the person who appears in court when you are not present. Who do you want that person to be? The lawyer you hire is the person who will negotiate with the prosecutor. Who do you trust to take on this responsibility? The lawyer you hire will research and advise you on all matters related to the law. Who do you want mapping out your legal strategy? 

Brad wants the opportunity to earn your trust. Brad has adopted a client centred approach to the practice of law. The principals of this approach are outlined below. 


The law does not exist to provide jobs for lawyers, the law exists to help people solve their legal issues.

Having practiced criminal law for over seventeen years, Brad has worked with hundreds of clients. This experience has taught him to appreciate that each client brings unique objectives and goals. Brad’s goal is to define those objectives when he first meets you and keep those objectives in mind when trying to find a solution to your legal problems. Every lawyer should appreciate your needs and work to solve your problem. Lawyers should be efficient when assessing their client’s case, determine their needs and never drag their clients into costly, unnecessary and wasteful legal proceedings.

A lawyer should never be the one causing more problems for the client.

You pay good money to hire a lawyer to solve your legal problems, the lawyer should be the last person causing you more stress. Brad appreciates that you have a life outside of your legal problems and that’s why he is flexible when it comes to scheduling client meetings. He regularly meets clients in the evening to accommodate their work hours. He arranges teleconferences for clients that live out of town. Any materials that you need to review are digitized and sent to you via email, eliminating the need for you to waste time and money to attend his office for document review. Where possible, court dates are set in accordance with your availability. Most importantly, you never have to appear in court unless necessary. It is Brad’s job to appear before the judge, not yours.

A lawyer must maintain open lines of communication.

Brad promises that you will always be aware of what is going on your case, every step of the way. After more than seventeen years, Brad knows the most common complaint from clients about their lawyer is the lack of communication. You don’t want a lawyer that doesn’t return calls You don’t need a lawyer that doesn’t respond to emails. As the person facing criminal charge, you need to be involved and know what is going on in your case. Brad makes this simple promise: Every call, every text and every e-mail from a client will be responded to within 24 hours. Brad may not have an immediate answer to your question, but he will ensure that your question is being addressed and he will provide a realistic estimate for when he will have an answer for you. 

A lawyer must always be direct and honest with their client.

Clients retain Brad because he gives them straight-forward and sound legal advice. Brad will always give you the information and advice you need to hear, he does not placate a client by telling them what they want to hear. A lawyer should always be objective and should be ready to tell every client the hard truth. Sometimes this honesty comes at the cost of a client’s business, some people don’t want to hear the truth. However, Brad believes that an informed client is a client who can make the right decision and he encourages clients to get a second opinion if they do not agree with his assessment of their case. Further more, Brad is not afraid to put his opinion in writing. 

A lawyer must offer flexible arrangements for payment of fees and a fee structure that is realistic for the needs of the client.

Unfortunately, many people don’t even bother seeking the help of a lawyer because they fear the will not be able to afford it.  Retaining a lawyer doesn’t have to be expensive. Brad firmly believes that finances should not be a barrier to legal representation. Brad’s fees are always negotiable and he is always open to discussing the structure for payment of any retainer for his services.

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